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Perspectives on better living

A Handshake

Build a better life through trust and honesty

Anything Worth Doing

Anything worth doing is worth doing to extremes. Remember, excellence, by definition, is an extreme.


These days, it's trendy to be cynical and negative about our society. However, embracing the concept of honor, upon which our nation is founded, is more relevant than ever.

Nice Guys Finish First

Kindness coupled with strength brings good things into your life, and feels good. Without strength, nice guys finish last.

Nuclear Tacos

Enrich your own experience by showing courtesy to all, regardless of station. The taco guy may be studying nuclear physics.

The Good, the Bad and the PC

Political Correctness has little to do with becoming a better person, unless of course you're running for office.

The Joy Of Teaching

Everyone has something to teach. Be a mentor whenever possible. You gain more than you give.

The Perfect You

Learn the art of dreaming in order to build a better tomorrow

The Value Of Courtesy

Considerate behavior may not be the current popular trend, but when you make courtesy a priority, it improves the quality of everyone's lives. Including your own.

What Did You Expect?

Optimistic and pessimistic people both get what they expect. Shocking, isn't it?

What's In It For Me?

The key to making friends, building alliances and enlisting the support of others is simply seeing things from their perspective.

Who's Driving This Thing?

Acquire self discipline and control your life before it controls you.