Corvettes in the Corporate World

No matter what you do for a living, change will always be a constant in your universe. The best way to manage these little adventures is to develop an attitude of mobility.

It's no secret to anyone who knows me well that I love the fast ponies of the asphalt plains. Back in my younger days when I spent more time playing guitar in smoky bars than I did dodging memos in the corporate jungle, I used to resent the fact that for reasons of practicality I had to drive vans and wagons instead of sports cars. A stack of guitar amplifiers doesn't exactly fit into the back of a hot rod. For those of you unfamiliar with the glamorous life of the working class musician, a second vehicle simply wasn't a financial reality as it would have cut into my macaroni and cheese budget. And so, I had one pony, and it was a work horse, not a race horse.

These days I prefer spending time in the recording studio to playing the bar circuit, and that's allowed me a few lifestyle changes. For openers, I no longer have to worry about whether or not they have chicken wire in front of the stage to keep beer bottles from nicking up the finish on my guitar (or my head). The best part, however, is that owning a studio means I no longer have to worry about hauling gear around. Consequently, I can now drive what I like. The Porches, Mercedes and BMWs are all fine vehicles, but in the end, I chose to drive Corvettes. Maybe that's because, in terms of image, it just screams rock & roll and "Made in the USA".

If it's true that life imitates art, then it can also be said that business imitates life. I'll leave it to your own imagination what art may choose to imitate. There are those who claim that my choice of ponies is purely recreational, and that may be, but there's also a safety factor to consider that applies to the workplace as well. Change may not be the only constant in the universe (human stupidity ranks pretty high on the list), but a constant it is nonetheless. And believe me, when things start changing, whether it's heavy metal objects on the streets or serious corporate shenanigans on the job, you want a pony that's going to get you out of the way quickly. Which would you rather have, a lumbering motor home or a little red Corvette?

Some people like to feather their nest. They like being entrenched in specific and predictable procedures and routines, and will kick up a fuss if you so much as change the chair they sit in. They want to cruise the corporate highways while reclining on a plush, comfy sofa, and once they park that motor home, they tend to lose the keys. Even a new parking space is more disruption than they care to encounter. However, regardless of your industry, it's highly unlikely that the landscape won't change under your feet from time to time.

Despite the countless books that have been written about change management, the fundamental message known to all of us out here in the real world is simple. Change happens. Deal with it. And the best way to manage change is to develop an attitude of mobility.

Take pride in your ability to improvise when you need to, adapt to whatever may be thrown at you, and overcome any obstacle that falls in your path. For that, a motor home simply won't do. You need a Corvette. Personally, I think you need a red one with black leather seats, but matters of style are best left to the driver.

You've developed a lot of job skills. Just think of attitude as one more set. Make a conscious decision to embrace change. Pride yourself on your ability to flow with anything life throws at you, and you'll be well on your way to an unstoppable career that you'll love. When you drive a Vette, the curves are the fun part.

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