I write for the creative crowd. Whether you're building the future in a tech company or spend your time on stage, the fundamentals of success are very much the same. If you understand how to work with others and aren't afraid of a little hard work, you can build the life of your dreams.

Have Fun, Get Paid

With advances in technology and the global reach of the Internet, creative people are empowered today as never before.

Have Fun, Get Paid will show you how to take control of your dreams and bring them to life.

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Unite The Tribes

Unite the Tribes will show you, the visionary leader, how to establish an empire by convincing your tribes of a simple but crucial truth.

Alone, you are weak and vulnerable. United, you are invincible. Bring your people together and achieve greatness.

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The Career Programmer

Unrealistic schedules, unstable releases, continual overtime, and skyrocketing stress levels are legendary in the software development industry.

The Career Programmer shows you how to regain control of your life through using people skills.

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